Lancaster Water Damage Restoration Insurance Services

Working With Your Insurance Company

When you've experienced a flood or other water disaster, the last thing you want to do is deal with your property owner's insurance. At American Water Restoration 911, we are experienced in working with insurance companies and know how to help you make sure you get the coverage you pay for!

How can American Water Restoration 911 help with property insurance claims?

Many common causes of water damage are often covered by property owner's insurance, including floods from bursting or breaking pipes, dishwasher leaks, water heater leaks, washing machines leaks, toilet overflows, and more. But some other damage, such as flooding from a major storm, might not offer any coverage at all. Navigating through the tricky language of your insurance policy can add unnecessary stress to you as you work to recover your property after severe water damage.

At American Water Restoration 911, we have experienced staff members dedicated to ensuring you get the most coverage out of your insurance policy. We bill your insurance company directly, which means you never have to worry about filing the correct forms or staying on hold trying to get ahold of your insurance representative. We aim to take every bit of stress away during this trying time and will do everything we can to move the claims process along.

With years of experience in water damage restoration, the experts at American Water Restoration 911 are familiar with various types of insurance coverage. We will work with your insurance company to help get as much of your restoration project covered as possible. Let the pros at American Water Restoration 911 help make this stressful process easier on you and restore your Lancaster area home to its pre-flood condition.

If you've experienced water damage in Lancaster, let American Water Restoration 911 handle everything from flood clean up through filing your insurance claims. Call 661-689-6608 now for help with all your water restoration needs!

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